Ear Training: Root, Perfect Fifth and Major Third

We will begin with the root, the perfect fifth and the major third. Together these notes form a major triad. We will also include the octave, which is the same note as the root, only higher.

The note snippet below and all the following snippets are in the key of C. Transpose accordingly. For example, If you have determined that A is your root, A will be do, C# will be mi and E will be so.

Root, Fifth, and Major Third

Root, Fifth, and Major Third

The numbers above the stave are the scale degrees. The first line below shows the solfège syllables, the second line shows the sargam syllables.

Begin with the root and sing it with the drone. Sing do if you want to use the solfège syllables or sa if you want to use the sargam syllables. Sing long notes and listen attentively to the particular resonance of the note. After a while, do the same with the perfect fifth and then the major third. Take your time with each note before you move on to the next. After you have practiced each note separately, improvise with the four notes. Keep it simple and rather sing long notes than fast lines.

We will add new notes one by one. Don’t rush through these exercises. You should stay with each new note for at least a couple of days before adding the next.

Continue in this manner with all new notes that follow: Start with singing the note over and over with the drone, and when you feel comfortable with the new note, improvise with all the notes denoted in the respective chapter.